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      System with mobile bureta
      Flexible catheter in silicone with multiperforated tip
      Introduction with a Tuohy needle that is depth marking every 1cm



The External Drainage System is indicated for the reduction and temporary control of intracranial pressure (ICP) through the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from lumbar subarachnoid spaces into an external collector bag.




HpBio DLE Componentes
1 – Pressure Scale
    Pressure scale in mmHg and cmH2O, mobile graded burette for more prercise control on the dreinaje volume.
2 – Filter
    Hydrophobic antimicrobial resistant to wetting, preventing interruption of the drainage by place temporarlly filter blockage. Accompanies clamp to be closed when it is necessary to position the system horizontally temporarily.
3 – Patient’s Stopcock
    With output for ICP monitoring
4 – Luer Connection
    Male and female connectors enable the drainage bag replacement
5 – Drainage Bag
    With 700ml and graduated each 50mL.
6 – Sampling Site
    For emptying the bag without the use of needle, preventing leaks and contamination and with clamp to avoid leaking
7 – Luer
8 – Slide clamp
    for flow interruption
9 – Patient’s Stopcock
10 – Y Valve
    For sample collection or fluid injection without the use of needle, preventing leaks and contamination
11 – Anti-reflux Valve
    Prevents the return of CSF


Mobile burette with 75ml for precise calculation of the dreinage volume. Clamp to avoid wetting the filter while positioning the system horizontally.
HpBio DLE Bureta



Made in radiopaque silicone, with 1.6mm outer diameter, with markings every 5 cm to guide the insertion depth. Connection protector to prevent unintentional disconnection.



14G tuohoy needle in stainless steel with markings every 1cm for depth precision. Flexible wire guide to facilitate catheter introduction.
HpBio DLE Introdutor de Cateter


    Lumbar catheter with 1.6mm outer diameter with 400mm in length, drainage bag with 700ml and 70ml burette.

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